released January 14, 2016
Label : Stryche rec
Written / Produced: Rafał Litwin
Mixes: Rafał Litwin & Bartłomiej Kuźniak
High Definition Mastering: Bartłomiej Kuźniak Studio 333
Cover artwork by: Rafał Litwin


released October 31, 2016
Label: Stryche rec
Written / Produced: Rafał Litwin
Tomasz Bardega - vocal ("dead matchematicans marching", "permanence", "przebudzenie" and "come back down" )
Piotr Wasyluk - vocal ("nonhuman" and "war is mother of creation")
Some tracks for re-mixing were taken from Atrocious Filth "Moans" album Cover photo: Piotr Wasyluk
Mixing & Mastering by Rafał Litwin @ stryche rec

Le reve

released March 21, 2019
Label: Ermland Production
Written/Produced/Composer: Rafał Litwin
Vocals: Ewelina Lewandowska
Piotr Wasyluk Guitars | Honestly and Deconstructed Mind |
Andrzej Choromański
Reeds: Bartłomiej Kuźniak
Scratches: Filip Mazuchowski
Cover atwork: Lewandowska/Litwin
Mixing & Mastering by Rafał Litwin @ stryche rec


released November 30, 2019,
Label: MoansMusic
Made by Andrzej Choromański, Karol Gawerski, Ewelina Lewandowska, Rafał Litwin, Dariusz Maksimik


released January 16, 2022,
Label: Stryche rec
Arranged By, Producer: Rafal Litwin
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered at: Stryche rec
Cover art Rafał Litwin


released September 29, 2023,
Label: Moans music
* Recorded, Mixed and Mastered At – Stryche rec
* Written-By, Performer – Ewelina Lewandowska, Rafał Litwin
* Artwork Jakub Głowacki, Dariusz Maksimik, Rafał Litwin
* Engineer – Rafał Litwin
* Mastered By – Rafał Litwin
* Mixed By – Rafał Litwin
* Producer – Rafał Litwin